Ryan Destiny is Black Hollywood’s next rising star. The actress can sing, dance, act and to top it all of, she’s beautiful AF.

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Miss2Bees caught up with the STAR actress at ESSENCE’s 2018 Best in Black Beauty and asked her how she maintains all her Melanin Magic. She revealed that drinking water is a major key, as well as giving make up a break and sticking to skin care regimes.

I  was delighted to hear that she has been recording music for the past year, with intentions to release her untitled debut project some time this year.


Unlike her character Alex Crane on the show, she doesn’t produce. But she does have fun during the creative process of making music and writing music with her friends and mentors. Check out the interview in its entirety below:

(This is interview was edited and condensed for clarity.)

How did Quavo link up on the show Star? How did that come about?
Uhh I think it was literally as simple as Lee like calling and asking like hey we want quavo on the show. Is he down? And he’s super super cool and it just made sense. You know the show is in Atlanta, he’s in Atlanta, it’s just perfect. Naomi Campbell, who plays my mom, she returns. It’s a really exciting episode.

And what does she want?
She just wants to tell me about my father. The news about my dad and her and their relationship.

Good news? Are they splitting?
Uhh yeah it definitely sounds like some kind of divorce so we will see where that leads because she definitely doesn’t take news too well and of course she is battling with being an alcoholic. So it’s just all of that drama within that and how Alex tries to figure it out.

Earlier in the panel you mentioned that you don’t really like to wear makeup like that? How is that possible when you’re always in the spotlight?
Well I mean whenever I don’t wear makeup I just have to make sure my skin is right. So literally drinking water has been essential for me because whenever I don’t that’s when I start breaking out and that’s when I want to wear makeup. So whenever my skin is literally like pretty clear then I’m totally fine with pictures, anything like that because I feel comfortable in my skin.

You mentioned that you are working on a solo project and it’s coming soon. Do you have like a release date for it?
I do not have a release date yet but definitely this year. People will know more within the next month or two.

But so far, where are you in that? Like have you started recording songs?
Yeah I’ve been recording for literally the past year. This is a process obviously and narrowing down songs. Finding the sounds is something that every artist has to do and It’s a journey to that. So I’m constantly recording now. Now that we have stopped filming star for the meantime, I have more time to do that so yeah it’s cool

Do you write and produce your own songs just like Alex does on the show?
Uhh she literally does the whole entire thing. I have friends that literally have been mentors and have literally helped. I love the creative process of writing and producing and just making music. I don’t produce that’s something that I haven’t stepped into yet. Maybe one day I don’t know