Damnnnnnn! Is the right word to use when you find out how little the actors in the famous 1995 film Friday actually made. According to John Witherspoon who casted as Willie Jones, Craig’s annoying father spilled the tea during his interview with VladTV.

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The actor who is set to reprise his role in the final installment of the Friday franchise dished That the actors in the film, including himself only made a disappointing $5K which is surprising based on the films popularity. The low compensation could be linked to a lack of funds Ice Cube provided for the film or because $5K seemed like a lot of money for a blockbuster back in 1995. Whatever the reason, the film is evergreen.

John also mentioned he earned $400K for the sequel and is expecting big bucks for the final installment. Ice Cube and Mike Epps will be reclaiming their role as Craig and cousin Day-Day for one last adventure.


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