Los Angeles prosecutors are investigating rapper Young Lo for sexual assault after a woman filed a lawsuit alleging he raped her at Chris Brown’s house last year.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office told media that Young Lo, whose real name is Lowell Grissom Jr., is the sole target of the case for now.

Lawyer Gloria Allred filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Jane Doe claiming that the plaintiff went to a “drug-fueled sex party” at Chris Brown’s mansion after her cell phone was confiscated at a party at an L.A. studio Feb. 24, 2017. The plaintiff says that the only reason she went to Brown’s residence was because she had trouble getting back into the studio after her phone was taken.

The plaintiff claims Brown offered her a “clear pill filled with white powder” when she arrived at his house and was encouraged to have a “good time,” but she refused to take the pill.

The suit claims that Brown helped orchestrate the assault when he trapped the plaintiff in a room with Grissom and another unidentified woman by ordering someone to block the door with a couch, after which he turned on loud music and pornography to create a “hyper sexualized environment.”

The plaintiff says she stated aloud that she did not consent to sex but was “violently grabbed” by the unidentified woman and sexually assaulted, after which Grissom raped her twice.

Allred said her client seeks general and punitive damages.

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