Meek Mill continues to inspire those facing wrongful convictions through the might of his supporters and ample resources.

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An attorney for the Defender Association of Philadelphia by the name of Bradley Bridge told TMZ that he has never witnessed any judge transact in the manner Judge Genece Brinkley has with Meek Mill. According to Bridge, he has worked on over 2,000 cases centered around post-conviction relief which involve corrupt police officers, and the outcome is rarely in the likes of the Philly MC.

“I have never had a judge order an evidentiary hearing where the prosecution has conceded the legitimacy of [post-conviction] relief,” said Bridge. When the Supreme Court ordered bail for Meek’s release last month, Judge Brinkley scheduled an evidentiary hearing in order to determine if there is enough evidence to take the case to trial.


According to Meek’s lawyer Brian McMonagle, Brinkley’s decision was nothing more but another push in relation to her known bias against him and “inequitable treatment,” in which he states there is no reason for her to delay the case by 60 days when the DA complied to his freedom until trial.

Prosecutors in Meek’s case also agree that the case should overall, be overturned. Bridge concludes there is enough evidence for Judge Brinkley to dismiss Meek’s conviction. His attorneys have used Bridge’s expertise in filed statements, alongside numerous testimonies from Philly cops who say the accused corrupt officer, Reginald Graham boasted about how he ripped the braids out of Meek Mill’s head during the arrest. The same police officers are open to testifying during next month’s hearing.