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The saying goes, “The hills have eyes,” and thanks to social media cell phones have eyes too; so people like Aaron Schlossberg can’t hide their actions for long.

Schlossberg isn’t the first person to get caught out there. With increasing advancements in technology and the invention of social media, its becoming harder and harder to sweep racism under the rug. From police actions being reviewed on body cams, evidence provided by street security cameras, and the ever watchful eye of cell phones – people around the world are getting a front row seat to the type of prejudice found in Heart and Soul by Kadir Nelson.


Yesterday (Wednesday May 16th), lawyer Aaron Schlossberg found that out the hard way. Re-posted by activist Shaun King, on his Twitter and Instagram accounts; the viral video shows Schlossberg going off on two Fresh Kitchen workers in midtown Manhattan yesterday for speaking spanish. Once upon a time in Selma, Alabama Dr.King had to wait for media to be present to broadcast the verbal and physical attacks levied against his peaceful march. Today all we need do is turn on our cell phones to catch a first person view of an America that seemingly hasn’t really changed at all.

Warning graphic language ahead:

Shaun King’s call to action lead to Schlossberg’s former classmates dropping the dime on him. It also appears this isn’t his first time someone who intimately understands the laws of this country so well is hurling insensitive remarks. In the video above Schlossberg is seen belittling the two workers of the food chain, complaining that his tax money goes to pay for them (since they must be undocumented immigrants) and that his next step should be calling ICE agents to collect them. This is just the tip of the iceberg. After this story broke even PIX 11 Evening News provided video of him with other Trump supporters at an anti-Linda Sarsour rally on May 25, 2017 (“Make America Great Again” hats on display). The purpose of this rally was against Jews who supported Palestine.

Apparently this wasn’t the beginning for Schlossberg, who for some reason can’t stay out of social media’s public eye. Back in 2016:

What’s the dramatic conclusion to this story. Thanks to social media uproar and concerned citizens his face apparently made it to the desk of a U.S. Congressman. Adriano Espillat the U. S. Representative serving New York’s 13th Congressional District had this to say on his official Twitter account yesterday.

He even took it a step further…

Espillat will be filling a formal grievance based on Schlossberg’s antics. Things are looking bleak for the “lawyer with a mouth”(a play off the description used for Marvel’s Deadpool). What’s disheartening about his action, is the fact that he is a lawyer. Much like #BBQBecky aka Dr. Jennifer Schulte, these are educated individuals engaging in the kind of hate we typically reserve for stereotypical red necks. This is a blatent attempt at white supremacy. Putting other’s in their place. People who should understand the laws and culture of this country and choose to spread hate instead of knowledge. Standford University has already distanced themsleves from Schulte, so what will happen next for Schlossberg who own’s his own law firm. Since the video went viral his Google and Yelp star reviews have plummeted.

With the 45th President calling Hispanics who cross the border “animals“, when will this type of bigotry come to an end? The last time a political leader referred to an ethnic group as animals it lead to the Holocaust. The question we must ask ourselves if we are to take heed of history’s careful warnings, when will the policing and patrolling of America come to an end?