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Three years after going viral with her re-creation of Beyonce’s “7/11,” 16-year-old singer Kyla Imani is back. And this time, it’s with New York City rapper Jay Critch.

A different sound and new wave for Kyla, “Sitting Up In My Room” showcases her growth not only as a musician, but as a young woman. With lyrics like “Normally, I don’t even know your name/Normally, I don’t even play these games” and “Normally, I wouldn’t let you in my head,” Kyla isn’t shying away from the common and easily-relatable narrative of being ironically intrigued by someone.


“Sitting Up In My Room” is an effortless blend of Pop and R&B, with a hard-hitting display of Hip-Hop. Showcasing her soothingly raspy tone and ear for harmonious hymns, the track is an ode to the ever-lasting battle of not being able to control what’s on your mind. 

A product of 2000’s hybrid-blend of music, it is clear in her sound that her inspirations include the likes of Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Ne-Yo, Demi Lavato and Rihanna, among others. With this new track, Kyla has made her versatility clear, and she’s gearing up for her first tour this summer. There’s no guessing where the singer will go from here.

It’s been one month since the song’s release, and Kyla has social media and the digital world buzzing, being added to five of Spotify’s new music playlists. In addition to good attention online, she is officially gearing up for her first tour this summer.

Listen to “Sitting Up In My Room” below.