For every reason you can think of to make sports gambling legal, there’s a million more reasons that show the negative side affects to it. Case in point: what if someone offers a player to throw a game?

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Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, recently stated that while he was playing college ball at St. John University, he was approached on multiple occasions about throwing games for money, including an incident when someone approached him in his neighborhood with a $35,000 offer to fix a game. He didn’t take the offer, but says it definitely crossed his mind.


World Peace said those kinds of scenarios worry him in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that ended a federal ban on sports betting in most states, essentially opening up an avenue for legal sports betting across the country.

In the clip above, Metta addresses it all by stating, “That’s the problem. When you don’t have any money, they find these kids that ain’t got no money, and they attack them.” He continued by adding, “What if I was some kid that was a little scared? ‘OK, I’ll do it,’ right? That’s the problem I have with betting, because these guys that are betting — some of them are bullies, and they’ll force a kid into a situation, and then, when the kid’s trying to go the NBA, they hold it against the kid. They gotta have really harsh rules on people using kids.”

While World Peace makes a great point to the negative affects of sports gambling, especially on the collegiate level, now might be the time the NCAA looks to paying student athletes a stipend, before things like this become the new normal.