The royal wedding is hours away, and security for the big event will air tight. So don’t think about doing anything stupid because there will be snipers on site, dressed and ready to kill if needed.

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The Sun reports security will be in full military gear, and have been ordered to “do whatever is necessary,” including shoot to kill.

Analyzing the level of security needed, security expert Will Geddes told British tabloid Daily Star that“operations will have been planned for months.”


He continued, saying, “Police will have mapped the area, established risk profiles and worked out the modus operandi of high-risk groups. Police will be looking for a variety of threats,” including ISIS terror threats, stalkers and YouTube pranksters.

The security bill adds up to a whopping £30 million, which translates into $40 million-plus U.S. dollars.  That’s nearly $15 million more than the royal family spent on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day.