Reports out of London state A$AP Bari has been arrested at the Heathrow Airport in connection to a sexual assault that occurred in 2017.

TMZ details Bari was arrested this past Tuesday (May 15) while waiting on a connecting flight. The assault in question occurred at a hotel this past July when Bari informed a woman that she had sex with him and his assistant. The woman filed a suit in November regarding the incident, which includes a quote from Bari stating that he yelled at her in a hotel room, “You f****d my assistant, now you are going to f*** me.”

The report also states her claim of screaming no and the sheets were pulled off of her prior to fleeing in a bathroom where “I’m going to f*** you, you are going to suck my d***” was screamed at her. Eventually, she was thrown out naked into the hallway of the hotel.

Allegedly, A$AP Bari was aware that he was a wanted man but the authorities in London, however, he trekked the city anyway. He is currently a free man after posting bail, however, he no longer has his passport so he must remain in England.

We will provide you with more updates to the seal assault case as they become available.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images