With only about an hour notice, A$AP Rocky tweeted that he will be doing “performance art” at Sotheby’s on Sunday night at 7 p.m. EST, and the event was live streamed on his YouTube channel.

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The tweet from Flacko’s account, as well as the official A$AP Mob’s Twitter account, included the hashtag #TESTINGTHEWATERS, but that’s just about as much details that was given prior. You can watch the live stream above.


With the Harlem rapper’s highly-anticipated album, Testing, on its way and little-to-no details about it surfacing, this live stream is clear indication that the rollout has begun, and it could be here any day now.

Rocky told Peter Rosenberg that he takes “proper precautions” when releasing new music.

When testing this whole album, it’s, like, about perfect timing. Everything has to be aligned correctly. One little thing, one little mishap, one little imperfection could throw off a whole cycle. I would prefer to put out music to change people’s moods or uplift or get a feeling or a reaction as opposed to just making music to stay relevant for the sake of popularity.