Kelis and Nas are in the midst of an ugly, public custody battle.

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Court records suggest that the “Milkshake” singer garnered $922,840 from her entertainment and touring company, MyKnight, Inc., and her food product business, Feast Enterprises, as indicated by The Blast. She additionally detailed that she holds $691,153.22 in her ledgers and claims $1,374,000 in property.

She also announced that she just acquired $9,000 for music eminences in 2017. She made $21,000 in sovereignties in 2016.


She currently receives $8,000 a month in child support, yet requests more dinero, as her month to month costs top over $25,000.

Kelis said in court archives that she burns through $5,726 on her home loan, $4,500 on youngster mind, $1,1913 on perishables, $1,233 on feasting out, $1,500 on clothing and cleaning and $1,728 on dress. She claims that she burns through $1,300 on private mentoring and $400 for a different math coach for their child, Knight.

Nas recorded his own court reports recently and expressed that he spends about $77,000 every month.

The former couple wedded in 2005 and split in 2009 when she was seven months pregnant with Knight.