TDE’s Top Dawg has some bad news for fans who were expecting to see SZA during their Championship Tour. Unfortunately, the singer had to take an early exit from their U.S. tour due to swollen vocal chords.

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Top Dawg took to Twitter to inform fans SZA needs to “rest her voice to prevent any permanent damage.” Citing this as the reason she was absent from two shows in Arizona and New Mexico.

Rest assured, he says the team has been monitoring her closely. She will be seeing a doctor again soon. Ultimately, the doctor will determine if she is healthy enough to continue the tour.


In the meantime, the TDE team will be looking for ways to make up for dates she had to miss. If she is able to make a full recovery she’ll be available for the last leg of the tour which stops in Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and a final stop in Pittsburg.

Championship Tour update…

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