Issa Rae put on for the 90s babies in her recent photoshoot with GQ Magazine’s “Comedy Issue.” The actress paid homage to the sitcoms we all grew up on. One concept in particular was Brandy’s main character, Moesha, who heard about the shoot and immediately took to Twitter to express her gratitude.

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Rae was wearing a braided wig to match Brandy’s hairstyle and a patterned sweater over a burgandy mini-skirt, mimicking one of many Moesha outfits and it’s safe to say, she nailed it. The singer tweeted Issa Rae,

“@IssaRae you’re such a beautiful spirit. Thank you for portraying me in your @GQMagazine shoot for #BlackTvIcons #MoEsha #blessing.”

In addition to paying homage to Moesha, Rae also paid tribute to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, A Different World, and Family Matters.