Last night Pusha T let a lucky group of fans take a listen to his album, which has been renamed Daytona from King Push. The track is seven tracks deep and what will be one of the ones that will be most played is “Infrared.” Why? Because it holds a jab at Drake.

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Twitter was in an uproar today (May 24) after a video from the listening session made its way to the timeline and presented some bars against Aubrey in reference to allegations of ghostwriting. The quick jab was, ” It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin.”

The longstanding beef between Pusha T and Drake has always bubbled underneath the surface. There hasn’t been an all-out assault in the music yet, however, it’s widely known that the dislike is there.


Speaking with Genius, King Push gave us an idea of what was on his mind in the heat thrown Drake’s way. “I mean, you know, I feel like everybody thought that ‘Two Birds, One Stone,’ you know, that was Pusha and Cudi-aimed, so on and so forth, and that was fine, you know what I’m saying?” Pusha said.

Daytona will feature Rick Ross and Kanye West and although there have been various clips that have been present online, you will be able to hear the new album in full this Friday.