There’s nothing left to do but apologize when it all falls down, and that’s just what social pariah Aaron Schlossberg is doing right about now.

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Karma has come full circle for the embattled lawyer. After not just one, but a series of racist rants have come to light, Schlossberg is starting to feel the after effects of his actions. Others might argue that it’s become a pattern of behavior, especially when three separate viral videos contain Aaron’s rants against people he deems to not be his equal.

Equal as in, not American.


Well for one, New Yorkers were not here for it. Besides Schlossberg losing his law firm lease, his privacy, getting the radar of a U.S. Representative and dropping to a single star review on Google and Yelp, there’s one more punishment that New Yorkers feel fit the crime: a mariachi band and Latin music outside his home. Yep, since Schlossberg revealed his distress with Hispanics, they decided to bring the culture front and center to his doorstep.

As seen here in the short clip above, the language that offended Schlossberg oh-so much was blared straight into his home.  It wasn’t just the band, either. New Yorkers of all races have joined in on this hard lesson in empathy and tolerance.

Of course, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back — probably his bank account, too — and caused Schlossberg to issue a formal apology via Twitter.

In the words of Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams, this all just seems  “too much, too little, too late.” His actions have created enough negative drama that a simple apology won’t do the job. This is what three years of bigoted antics on the Internet will earn a person. A verbal apology to victims of his oral onslaught is what would be the least he can do during this current moment of intense race relations in America.

However, when the President of the United States can reduce Hispanic illegal immigrants to mere “animals” and get away with it, the idea of Schlossberg doing the same becomes only a footnote in the fight for equality and acceptance. When Donald Trump can double down on his “sh*thole countries” statement by stripping the humanity of another race of people, that’s a really big problem. When Trump supporters in law enforcement can co-sign “The Donald’s” statement, saying it was directed merely at MS-13 — a Hispanic gang composed of Salvadoran members — then we understand why this type of behavior seems like it would be tolerated in the first place.

What’s worse is that there are politicians on the right side of the aisle that feel no need to correct Trump. We vilify the Aaron Schlossbergs of the world when politicians post statements like this:

While MS-13 has been especially problematic in places like Long Island, NY, stripping them of their humanity does leave room for civil rights injustices to occur. Humans of every race around the globe commit violent crimes and crimes against their fellow man. Even at the height of Mob corruption in New York City and Chicago, those criminal actions never caused them to be deemed “animals.” The “mob wives” of NYC and Chicago even got hit VH1 television shows!

Mankind has a less-than-stellar history of how it treats ethnic people who weren’t considered “human.” In 2018, we just really need to do better.



Featured Image: Hounded