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A middle school student was taken into custody this morning after police responded to a shots-fired call in Noblesville, I.N.

According to the Noblesville Police Department, the shooting was reported just after 9:00 a.m. At least three victims — two students and a teacher — were rushed to the hospital with injuries that have yet to be revealed.


Students were seen running from the school building and into “waiting buses” to escape the chaos, ABC News reports.

One seventh grader, who was in the classroom at the time of the shooting, told ABC affiliate RTV, “He walked in and he was late to class and we were all taking a test. When he walked in, he just had this weird look on his face, and reached into his right pocket and pulled out a handheld gun. He took about four to six shots.”

The police scanner called for “all units” to respond to an “active shooter.”

Noblesville Police Chief Kevin Jowitt reports a secondary threat was made at Noblesville High School following the middle school shooting, but says it’s been nothing but a threat.

“We have not received any information that this has been anything other than a communicated threat,” Jowitt said. “We are securing the high school and taking steps to make sure that it stays secure.”