In case you missed it, Pusha T grabbed the world’s attention with an early preview of his forthcoming Daytona album.  On a track titled “Infrared,” Pusha T set his sights directly on Drake. Taking the shot on the chin, the OVO boss has responded with rapid-fire shots of his own.

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Although Pusha may attribute the slick shots to the talent of “Quentin,” Drake proved he has enough ammunition for all parties involved. His new “Duppy Freestyle’ takes aim at both Pusha T and Kanye West:

Must’ve had ya infrared wrong, now ya head in a beam. Y’all are the spitting image of whatever jealousy breeds. Don’t push me while I’m in album mode. You send shots, well I gotta challenge those. But I bring Calicos to the Alamos.”

While everyone patiently awaits the arrival of his forthcoming Scorpion album, Drizzy makes it clear the stinger is rising and the venom is potent. Just over a minute into the lyrical assault, he aims down the sights and hits Ye’ first.


 “I could never have a Virgil in my circle and hold him back ’cause he makes me nervous. I wanna see my brothers flourish to a higher purpose. You n*ggas leeches and serpents. I think it’s good that now the teachers are learning.”

Without checking for a confirmed hit on the target, Drizzy doubles back to take direct aim at Pusha T.

“Your brother said it was your cousin then him then you, so you don’t rap what you did, you just rap what you knew. Don’t be ashamed there’s plenty n*ggas that do what you do, there’s no malice in your heart, you an approachable dude.”

Regardless of which side of the battle lines you decide to stand on this will be a fierce and fiery exchange. Its gonna be a hot summer.