Social media engagement with fans is a necessity for an artist in 2018. One who understands the value of connecting with his audience is Mekka Don, whose latest single, “Nip and Tuck,” is taking off. This is largely due to the success of his #NipAndTuckChallenge circling around Instagram.

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In today’s culture, social media is used to troll and create moments that will spark controversy, but Mekka Don reminds the Internet that IG can still be used for fun. The challenge may seem complicated, but it’s simple: do whatever you feel in the moment — no guidelines; no rules.

For those unfamiliar with Mekka Don, he is a Hip-Hop artist and songwriter hailing from Columbus, Ohio. In addition to his work in music, he is a lawyer, entrepreneur at the helm of Pilot Boys Clothing and a product of The Ohio State University where he performed on the gridiron as a wide receiver. Ohio blood runs deep in the life and career of Mekka, one glimpse at his Instagram account and you will see flashes of support for Ohio area teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers that are deep in an NBA playoffs run. His music holds down home to as he is the creator of multiple anthems for his alma mater and crafted “Rock For My Browns (Dawg Pound)” an officially licensed cut for the neighboring Cleveland Browns. Beyond that, Mekka Don has been heard on everywhere from MTV to ESPN to Sirius Radio, the latter of which just added “Nip and Tuck” to their rotation.


“Nip and Tuck” released this past April and the success achieved in the short period is a testament to the ability of Mekka Don to make a hit record and his awareness how to utilize social media and the Internet to support your craft. The single is the product of a booming beat that will latch to your ear, relatable lyrics like “I’m feeling like a million bucks” and most importantly understanding the climate in which Mekka is releasing his work.

Mekka Don’s use of social media within the #NipAndTuckChallenge is a trending way in the culture to garner support around your release. In the past we have seen efforts in challenges from the likes of Rae Sremmurd when their “Black Beatles” was insanely popular, Mekka has harnessed that strategy and evolved it to be more inclusive. By not creating a specific set of rules for the challenge, Mekka has opened a pathway for his music to be shared by participating in a challenge that is bound by certain criteria. If you are a highschool soccer team you can turn up for your Instagram followers, if you are lounging on vacation and film a video it fits or you can simply sing along. The all-inclusive appeal of the challenge fits various types of fans, current or perspective.

To be lost in the ability to maneuver properly through the Internet is the quality of the Mekka Don’s song. “Nip and Tuck” is proof Mekka Don is aware of how to create an infectious song, both in lyrics and production choice. In addition, the content of the single will attract adult fans and at the same time corral the attention of younger listeners, while providing a banger that isn’t laden with derogatory statements or language. By creating a single that doesn’t possess much of the language that at times is scrutinized in Hip-Hop, Mekka is showing that the genre can produce bangers that are both fun and for multiple audiences.

For Mekka Don the work doesn’t stop with “Nip and Tuck.” The Columbus rapper unleashed his latest mixtape, Fly With Me, shortly after the release of the booming single. If the success of the single is any indication of what is to come for Mekka, then having more music available was another well-executed move and the title will serve as a premonition of his future.

Take a listen to “Nip and Tuck” below, tap into his full Fly With Me mixtape here and be on the lookout for more from Mekka Don in the future.