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Everybody knows that 50 Cent has one of the hottest IG accounts on the Gram, but his antics are attracting the wrong kind of heat. Mainly the NYPD.

50 Cent gave his two cents on the current events by posting a picture of Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, who is accused of leading the alleged shakedown against Club Lust/Love owner, Imran Jairam. Fif used then used his infamous #GetTheStrap hashtag, which he recently submitted to be copywritten.

The NYPD alleges 50 has incited his fans, who are now threatening Gonzalez with physical violence, which they are attributing to 50’s hashtag.


Gonzales has filed a criminal complaint, claiming people are threatening to kill him while warning him to “get the strap”.

According to reports, 50 Cent could be charged with aggravated harassment.