Known as the undisputed Fresh Prince, Will Smith is heading back to his origins on the m-i-c and bringing forth new melodies to the masses.

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The comedic rapper/actor uploaded a video to his YouTube page on Wednesday (May 23), where he starts off with a message noting his stance with his musical endeavors throughout the years and signals his resurgence back into the raps. The video is also currently one of YouTube’s top 10 trending videos worldwide. Smith reiterates how at one point he was active with shows, movies, and an album every year and eventually got burnt out, describing the said endpoint as being “empty.” According to the Fresh Prince, he is now rejuvenated and ready to get back to making the lively music he once used to astonished the world with.

“I was doing a television show, a movie, and an album every year,” said Smith. “What happens is that you get to a point where you’re empty. I’m re-energized and I’m creating wildly like I used to.”


Impressively, the Philly rapper has actually evolved in his emcee stance. Just “messing around in the studio” Smith drops the only set of bars that target his blatant success and humble beginnings. “20 years of swag y’all just witnessed, let me remind everybody who Will Smith is,” Smith raps. “Rappers make it rain, let their money hit ya/If I throw my money up, sh*t, I’ll prolly kill a stripper.”

He goes on to hit points such as the Uncle Phil bond, his ties with Obama, rich family dynamic, and also shut down the divorce rumors that have been floating the surface of his public marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith. “Stop the divorce rumors and mind ya’ll damn business,” he rhymes. He also touched a frolicsome base about going Mormon and marrying Halle Berry and Rihanna.

The video ends with a straight up message that the Fresh Prince is certainly coming out with new music, and he is coming with it soon. Of course, Smith has no choice but to honor the identity of traditional lyricism, but it is also clear he is pretty versed on giving it new school appeal with his comedic persona and acclaimed stance as an entertainment tycoon.

Watch Will Smith get busy on the microphone, below!

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