Harvey Weinstein is about to get the Bill Cosby treatment.

Accusers from the defamed film exec’s highly-publicized sex scandal are rounding up to take the stand against him, according to NY Post. “They want to do it like Cosby, have as many people testify just to paint the picture,” a source said.

Although the media mogul has only been charged with the sexual assault of two women, Manhattan prosecutors want to talk to over 80 women who’ve accused him of sexual misconduct, from California and Canada all the way to Europe.


There’s also word that all the women are wanted for testimony in both the proceedings and trial. Weinstein’s lawyer, Ben Brafman, belittled the strategy, saying prosecutors are desperate to strengthen a lost case.

Brafman told the Post that one of the unidentified accusers is a woman who had a decade-long affair with Weinstein, going as far as to call her claim “a truly crazy allegation of forcible rape, made by a woman who we have identified, with whom Mr. Weinstein enjoyed a 10-year ‘consensual’ sexual relationship that continued for years, both before and even ‘after’ the date of the alleged forcible encounter.”

A grand jury has been meeting for the past few weeks, and it appears that Harvey’s charges can increase as more accusers tell their story.