Hillary Clinton might have a new career path, and you’ll never guess what it is.

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Clinton received the Radcliffe Medal at Harvard on Friday, award to people who “had a transformative impact on society.”

Attorney General Maura Healey asked the former Presidential candidate what company she would run if given the opportunity, and she quickly responded, “Facebook.”


“It’s the biggest news platform in the world,” she explained. “Most people in our country get their news  true or not  from Facebook.” Clinton recognized Facebook for handling some of the “unexpected consequences of their business model” which “is critical to our democracy that people get accurate information on which to make decisions.”

She made some valid points, but she might want to re-consider which company she’d run because Facebook is under fire for the Cambridge Analytica incident. They’re trying to earn its user’s trust back by closing 583 million fake accounts, clearing 2.5 million hate speech posts, 1.9 million terroristic propaganda posts, 3.4 million posts including graphic violence, and 21 million posts featuring nudity or sexual activity. There also making an effort in trying to prevent revenge porn, but unfortunately, you’ll have to upload the image you don’t want exposed first.