America’s favorite OG, Snoop Dogg, recently sat down with the ladies of The View and spoke about his relationship with Tupac and Kanye West.

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Last week, the D-O-double G made headlines regarding his comments about West’s interview on The Breakfast Club. He retracted his statements, expressing that the rapper needs help and not criticism from the hip hop community.

When Whoopi Goldberg asked about how he felt, he reiterated his comments before and elaborated on what he meant by saying Kanye misses and needs black women in his life.


“He truly misses his mother, he truly misses a black woman in his life. He truly misses the ability of having someone telling him when he’s wrong and correcting him and checking him, as opposed to allowing him to continue doing what he’s doing.”

The Doggfather also pointed out that if his mother, Donda West, was still alive, she would not be letting any of the shenanigans go down. He believes that Ye never quite fully dealt with his mother’s death in a healthy way, he just started acting out.

“That, to me, is someone who needs help. To me, he’s crying out for help. Instead of me bashing him, we’re trying to help now.”

The ladies also went on to ask how Tupac and Snoop became so close and how their friendship was to where the OG replied,

“There was a point in time when me and my girlfriend at the time, we were having ups and downs. And a lot of my friends was telling me that I should just go ahead and be solo because I was Snoop Doggy Dogg and I could have any woman that I wanted. And Tupac pulled me to the side and was like ‘Forget what they talking about. That girl loves you. You need to marry her and I ended up marrying her, 20 something years later, we still together.”

Watch the clip from the interview below:

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