After listening to Drake’s, “Duppy Freestyle,” you probably wondered why Kanye West got hit with stray shots when the bullets were meant for Pusha T. Well, it appears to be more layers to this beef than meets the surface.

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It was reported that the two rappers were in the studio together, but E Bro Darden has sources that says the sessions didn’t go as planned.

“I’m told when [Drake] left Wyoming or wherever, he started calling around looking for beats,” he said. “He was calling people looking for beats, like ‘Yo I need some records,'” E Bro says around the 10:30 marker below.

The request had producers confused, considering that Ye is a certified hitmaker. After much speculation and theorizing, Darden continued:


“Supposedly, Kanye was supposed to be on ‘Nice for What’ or there’s a version of ‘Nice for What’ with Kanye that we may never hear,” he said.

Can you picture Yeezy spitting on Drake’s Summer anthem?