Meek Mill is a free man but he hasn’t escaped the grasp of Judge Genece Brinkley yet. TMZ reports the controversial judge who has presided over his case will remain in the seat going forward.

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The report shares a different state judge was petitioned and the bid to strip the case from Judge Brinkley was denied. The judge stated he couldn’t go against the ruling of a judge of equal stature before sharing “I wear the same robe as she does.”

Meek’s legal team approached the debate in court with a different tactic, they recalled Judge Brinkley’s claim of sustaining a head injury, which led her disabled and incapacitated. The claim was in a civil suit against another woman that resulted in the “severe head trauma.”


Unfortunately for Meek, an adjustment to his case will not be happening. On the brighter side business has picked up for the MMG star and he will be taking the Hot 97 Summer Jam stage this year in New York City.