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Donald Trump’s latest method of deflection is to attack Jay-Z. President Trump diverted from speaking the nation’s issues to recall rally numbers of the Presidential campaign in 2016, specifically stating that his opponent Hilary Clinton couldn’t draw a crowd like his without Hov. President Trump would then speak against the language that is in the raps of the Hip-Hop legend.

“His language was so filthy it made me, like, the most clean-cut human being on Earth,” Trump stated to supporters in Nashville on Tuesday (May 30).

During the rally, Jay-Z performed fan favorites like “F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit,” among others without censorship. Trump spoke for Clinton Tuesday stating, “Hillary would sit back and say ‘I’m in trouble. Please don’t have him use that kind of language anymore.'”


“He’d stand up there before those crowds and by the way, without any musical instruments, I had much bigger crowds than he was drawing, but he’d stand up before those crowds and he’d use the F-word,” Trump stated.

He closed that portion by stating that when it was time for Clinton to speak everyone would be gone and only 400 people would be there to actually hear her.

President Trump is far from “clean-cut” as he pegged himself to be. Around the same time as the rally, he is criticizing he was under fire for derogatory statements toward women in 2005, which he passed off as “locker room talk” and inflammatory racial statements in his rallies.

As far as being able to draw crowds, maybe the President should check numbers for the 4:44 Tour or the upcoming On The Run II Tour.