PHresher is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album, PH, and he’s ready to celebrate the project alongside Eminem at New York’s annual Governor’s Ball music festival this Sunday (June 3). But before the Brooklyn rapper hits NYC for the turn up, he’s kicking off the first week of summer with his new single, “Keep It Up,” featuring Famous Dex.

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Upbeat and lit as can be, the three-and-a-half minute This Slikk Da Producer track showcases PHresher’s hook-writing skills over head-banging beat as he raps, “Keep it up, keep it up/Keep it up, keep it up/All of my n—as stay freezer’d up/She cam with you, I’mma leave with her/Bad as hell, so I beat it up/Table turnin’, now they be needing’ us/Name always in the media/Life was so hard, now it’s easier.”
Famous Dex cuts in to let the people know that he’s not another regular rapper trying to fake it to make it.

“N—as so fake, can’t hang with me/Yea, tell ‘em read about it/Diamonds on my chain and my neck/Yeah, b—h, come see about it/Money in my pocket/Nah, I don’t carry no wallet/Nah, I don’t wear Versace/I got big Gucci all on my body.”


Together, Famous Dex and PH use their rhyme-slinging abilities to stop the confusion, and let everybody know they they always give they crowd what they want because they know just how to “keep it up.”

Check out the official lyric video for “Keep It Up” below.