When Starbucks closed this past Tuesday (May 29) for racial bias training, The Daily Show as usual has its own hilarious interpretation on the training video used.

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As you may have seen on our site not too long ago, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were fully influential with igniting the process, and even Hip-Hop MC Common, along with Starbucks chief executive Kevin Johnson and chairman Howard Schultz, appeared in training videos for Starbucks employees.


Although no one knows for sure how training went that day, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show provided its own take on what the training video may have looked like.

On the show’s Twitter account, the comedic news show claimed to get their hands on video:

The hilarious video hosted by Daily Show contributor and writer Roy Wood Jr. walks employees through simulated interactions with African-Americans.  As funny as these scenes might be, they do highlight perceived thoughts about Blacks and exaggerated situations that may have happened in the past. Hopefully being able to laugh together about such an egregious infringement on the civil rights of U.S. citizens will bring us closer together.

As always, the Internet is undefeated in it’s satirical interpretation of the outcome of Starbucks training. Here are series of hilarious memes that addressed the issue head-on:

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This last one might seem eerily familiar…

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