Fans are still a few months away from hitting theaters to check out Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart’s new flick, Night School, but Hollywood’s new funny duo is giving them another sneak peek into the film with its official new trailer.

Written by a compilation of screenwriters, including the grown little man himself, the Michael D. Lee-directed and Will Packer-produced film tells the tale of a group of adult misfits who are forced to attend night school in hopes they’ll find a way to pass their GED.

The name of Hart’s character is yet to be revealed, but it’s clear he’s a lost grown man trying to make a change while all of life’s obstacles continue to be thrown at him from every direction. Finding himself discouraged, he retreats to working as the mascot for a fast-food chicken chain everyone around town knows as Christian Chicken. But Haddish, who plays the night school teacher, refuses to just let him give up without a fight.

Night School doesn’t hit theaters until Sept. 28, so check out the new trailer below.