This past weekend at the 2018 Governors Ball, Pusha T treated fans to a live set of his new DAYTONA album. However, one song was mysteriously missing.

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King Push ruled the American Eagle stage at the festival that took over Randall’s Island, coming fresh off a seemingly flawless victory in his rap beef with Drake. Dressed in a cross-pattern short-sleeved shirt with flame designs, Pusha was definitely prepared this weekend from all angles to bring the heat.



Image: Connie Michelle

During a pause between hits like “Runaway,” “Mercy,” and his original chart-topping Clipse hit “Grindin’,”  fans began to chant the inevitable: “F*ck Drake!”  This would’ve probably been the perfect segue for Pusha T to perform his scathing Drake diss track “The Story of Adidon,” but instead he chose to quiet the crowd by not performing the song and turning an eye to their chants altogether.  In a very strategic move, he focused the crowd towards his body of work and not his current mishappens with another rapper.  Thankfully, this gamble may have paid off.

Here’s what Noah Callahan-Bever from Def Jam posted to his Twitter page:

Numbers don’t lie. The seven-track EP showcases Pusha’s most impressive lyrical performance in recent years, while simutaneously being his most profitable as well. Another interesting thing to note is that, well into a week of “DrakeGate,” the Toronto superstar has failed to issue a follow-up response. For Hip-Hop fans, the silence may even be considered a TKO from the proclaimed “Golden Boy” of rap.  Plus, judging from King Push’s album sales, it looks like he won’t mind sending over that invoice check at all — the money is clearly rolling in over at G.O.O.D Music!

In the words of Diddy…