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Res sued Talib Kweliclaiming his label, Javotti Media, withheld her music and now she’s suing for breach of contract, alleging that there are ulterior motives. “I tried to be humble but you letting a kiss that you didn’t get @TalibKweli keep my career on hold and I dare you to say I’m not telling the truth,” Res wrote in a series of tweets on Thursday (May 31).

Kweli hopped on Twitter to tell his version of the story. “She was sued by me for stealing music so she making up lies,” he wrote, attaching a court document that shows Res’ counterclaims in the lawsuit, including sexual harassment, were all dismissed. “These lies were already dismissed in court so she hella mad.”


A Twitter user called Talib’s fans “delusional” for defending him, and the rapper called out Res for using the #MeToo movement to skip out on paying money that she owes him.