If the NFL isn’t going to employ Colin Kaepernick, Hollywood surely will. Ava DuVernay and former San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback are teaming up for a comedy series revolving around his high school career.

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Although the details are very scarce at the moment, DuVernay will continue to put in work regarding the production of Season 3 of Queen Sugar and Central Park Five, an upcoming Netflix original.

The award-winning filmmaker complimented Kap in an interview with GQ in 2017. She brought up how she was inspired by his actions and compared his activism to art,


“I see what he’s done as art. I believe that art is seeing the world that doesn’t exist… I just feel forunate that I’ve had a chance to get to know him personally, to talk to him. When you ask if he’s inspired me and motivated me, to be able to sit with that brother on this particular day, on the day between really two historic cultural moments that swirled around him… was shapeshifting for me. Being able to observe that and witness his stillness, and wisdom, and interrogation of that moment up close and personal. I’m just really honored to know him.”