With controversy still swirling around his name due to the questionable and untimely death of Keith Elam aka Guru of the legendary Gangstarr, Brooklyn producer Solar is penning a book about the questions everyone has been asking since he passed in 2010.

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After a few years out of the public eye due to his alleged involvement in the mishandling of Guru’s personal business and Gangstarr’s catalog, Solar is slated to drop a literary effort entitled The Moment of Truth: Guru/Gang Starr Life & Death Story.

“Consider the rumors… the alleged villain… suspicions of murder and forgery… all around the life of one of Hip Hop’s most renowned rappers,” promotional material for the book reads. “This story sizzles from top to bottom and here’s a chance to bring closure and clarity to one of the music industries most controversial partnerships.”


With rumors of sexual abuse against Guru by Solar to the claim that the Boston-born emcee passed away from an AIDS-related brain cancer, the fans are still looking for answers eight years later and Solar says that all will be revealed in his forthcoming literary effort.

DJ Premier has yet to release a statement pertaining to the book.