Philadelphia is the birthplace of Democracy, so it comes as no surprise The Eagles soared past Trump’s White House uninviting them from the White House.

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Philly Mayor Jim Kenney had some choice words after the NFL Eagles White House fiasco yesterday. While Donald Trump claims to have canceled the invite due to low team attendance, many of the players had no interest in going and playing into Trump & Co’s anti-military rhetoric. It seems that their misgivings about this administration were well founded after the President dropped this bombshell revelation via Twitter:


Trump used the event festivities yesterday (June 5) to double down on his NFL Owner support against players protesting during the National Anthem. In a stunning response to the President’s position on the matter, Philadephia’s Mayor, Jim Kenney weighed on the situation. He released this statement.

Kenney used the opportunity to stand behind the players of his home team and commend them for their civic duty and activism. In his closing remarks, Philly’s Mayor had choice words for the POTUS. Calling out Trump on his clear and present narcissism, he challenged Trump’s true motives and his level of patriotism. Being a patriot and supporting the troops is the President’s entire soapbox platform. So discrediting him in any way pokes holes in the true meaning of the event. Social media and late night comics were already quick to point out that Trump mumbled his way through God Bless America.  From Elle Magazine, The Mirror, and, showcased videos of Trump stumbling his way through the patriotic fanfare while head bopping in a self-aggrandizing manner.

The buzzwords that everyone zeroed in on is when Mayor Kenney called Trump, “a fragile egomaniac.” A statement that seems to be supported by his tweets. Turning an event that was supposed to be on some level congratulations to the Philly Eagles devolved into a contest on who is the most patriotic. While Trump may have disapproved, other lawmakers and public servants were quick to rally behind the NFL team.

While Representative Boyle had a more scathing response to the situation via NBC News: “You even make a championship team visiting the White House all about you [Trump]…What is wrong with you? Seriously, what condition do you have?”

He also followed up with his own very special invite via Twitter:


Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette