R&B artist Sean Gast has slowly begun to make a name for himself on the urban music scene. Last year, Gast released a song with Rich the Kid titled “No Exxageration” while websites such as Revolt featured him as an artist to watch. Today, Gast is letting The Source.com viewers get an early glimpse of his newest single, “Party In The Hills.”

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Gast provides insight on the details of the song:

Party in the hills is more than the title … It’s about a girl I knew in high school and how she’s now off at college. She thinks she is a grown woman and has everything figured out. When in reality, I sometimes feel that the majority of the people I used to know who are in college have no clue what they’re doing or what they want to do. Meanwhile not only do I know what I want to do, but I’m actually doing it.

SONG LYRIC QUOTE – “Grown now so you think you got it figured out, everyone else around me still ​trying to figure it out I’m not worried bout it cause I’m making figures know “

I try to paint the picture for listeners with how my reality is now and how a small taste of what I call the norm is “everything that you imagined.”

The song’s production was helmed by Cassius Clay. Clay’s production credits feature French Montana, The Weeknd, Rich The Kid and Lil Wayne.


To check out Gast’s new track, check it out below.