Chief Keef is back with his first EP of the year, Ottopsy. The project’s title is a combination of his nickname, “Otto,” and the word autopsy.

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Ottopsy is being released through Digiglo, which is his latest imprint that will combine art, technology and apps like his GLOMOJI app, and urban culture. 

The spooky artwork shows the skeleton of the Chicago rapper on an autopsy table with his signature locs, chains, and a thorn crown signifying Keef’s other moniker, “Almighty Sosa,” as per GBE’s longtime creative director, Casimir Spaulding. 


Despite the loss of his cousin, Fredo Santana, and other obstacles that have been thrown his way. He continues to knock out banger with his fellow GBE artists, and we can expect a lot more from Keef later in the year.

Mansion Musick is set to be released in July. In the meantime, Chief Keef fans can look forward to his Leek projects, which are compilations of his throwback tunes.