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Michael B. Jordan is most definitely a real one. Despite the roles he adapted in the early stages of his career, the actor wants to try something new. He told his agent, he no longer wants to audition for roles written specifically for African-American men. He wants the role that he’s told he can’t have.

The New Jersey native started out as Wallace on HBO’s The Wire in 2002, which sparked his career. He came into Hollywood by partaking in “racially-charged films and TV shows,” which caused a lot of fans to gravitate towards him. He rose to critical acclaim as he took on the role of Oscar Grant in a biographical story, Fruitvale Station, where a black man was killed by police.

Well, he’s done auditioning for roles that are only geared towards African American men, in a recent interview with Variety, he explained where he was coming from,


“I said, ‘I don’t want it. I want to only go for, like, [roles written for] white males. That’s it… Me playing that role is going to make it what it is. I don’t want any prebias on the character.”

This mindset of his landed him roles in Fantastic Four and Creed.

Check out the clip below: