Lil Dreamy has been a lover of music, and the arts from an early age; his first interaction with music began when he received his first drum set at the early age of five, from there he took his passion for music to writing and at the early age of seven wrote his first song. As he got older his passion for writing and music grew and it was at the age of nine when he started to explore different genres of music, when his older brother introduced him to Eminem. Lil Dreamy was fascinated by the rhymes and Eminem’s unique style, so he decided to explore more rap music. From there he started to explore more rap singers such as; Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Sean, and much more. But it wasn’t until the seventh grade that Lil Dreamy decided he really wanted to share his lyrical content with others, to connect and have his music heard instead of just written away in his notebook. His first song captioned “Fake” really allowed him to find his own writing style.

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From there he wrote his song “I hate everyone” a song describing the vague, hostile, social interactions from others, including his experience with people infuriating him. From the beginning Lil Dreamy had to deal with hate from peers who disliked his writing style and musical lyrics, but he persevered and continued to write music and follow his passion through rapping. A lot of his early work and process with recording music took place in his bedroom with just an iPad mini and a headset. His passion and continued work allowed him to release more music while he was in middle school. His most recent hit is a song named “I just want to be alone” depicting the life of a young man battling depression, who sought out to find and look for meaning in the world around him, which hit over 100,00k+ streams followed by his song “Freddy Kruger” which hit 150k+.


From there his fan base grew and Lil Dreamy’s passion for rapping with it. Now in high school Lil Dreamy is striving to release more music and is currently working on multiple songs, and an album that’s self-titled, which he plans to soon release to his fans. In addition, Lil Dreamy will be featured on an app game called “Clout Game” which features huge artists like XXX Tentacion, YBN Nahmir, Supreme Patty, and many more. Some of Lil Dreamy’s idols are; Eminem, Kid Cudi, Biggie, Big Sean, Wiz, 2 Chainz, Tyga, Lil Uzi Vert, and Playboi Carti. Lil Dreamy hopes to someday be as big as his idols and rap music that captures every audience.