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Malcolm Jenkins’, “You Are Not Listening” video has gone viral on the net begging the question– why are NFL player protests falling on deaf ears?


When Jenkins and the Philadelphia Eagles were uninvited to the White House the President’s true agenda became loud in clear. With a series of tweets, his true motives were revealed. Bringing the team wasn’t about celebrating their victories, it was showing an NFL team standing during the National Anthem. So instead of having a shouting match, Malcolm Jenkins held up some signs.

There are two opposing sides in the NFL Players vs The White House/NFL owners debate. While Kaepernick and player supporters vehemently argue this movement is about the peaceful protest against police profiling and racial injustices; Alt-Righters, Trump Supporters, and some politicians are making this about disrespecting the flag (and our veterans). So what do you do when your spoken words and defiant action falls on deaf ears? Jenkins took the route of making like a Wil E Coyote Cartoon and holding up a sign.

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As inappropriately funny as this cartoon reference might be, it does speak volumes. While Jenkins is berated by reporters about why he is holding up signs and what do they mean (by the amount of fact dropping it is bewilderingly obvious); it is an apparent cry for help. Not for himself, but for people who are the victims of police brutality and a failed justice system. Those unlawfully incarcerated, waiting for trial. Minority citizens of the United States who feel failed and marginalized by their President.

Jenkins is speaking up for people who use their power and influence to make a difference. and not just Kaepernick who gave a $1 Million after he was sidelined from league play. Like fellow teammate Chris Long who gave an entire year’s salary toward education equality. Politicians who fought to restore voting rights, and correct errors in our justice system. For instance, lawmakers who the Eagles Safety cited by names like Devin McCourty, Duron Harmon, Matt Slater, and Johnson Badewosi who he helped raise the age to enter the Criminal Justice System from ‘7 to 12’. A practice that has had adverse effects on children and teens who are incarcerated with grown men trapped in a cell for 22-24 hours a day. Victims like Kalief Browder who took his own life spent a whopping 143,923 days in solitary which eventually combined brutality from inmates and guards led him to take his own life.

For those that are still confused on what point Jenkins is trying to make, here are a set of helpful memes and social media posts.

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And this last post that comes straight from a U.S. Veteran’s mouth…