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At the age of 14, John Bunn would have never expected to be convicted for murder, especially one he didn’t commit. But nothing was as it seemed for a teenaged Bunn, who was sentenced to 17 years in prison in 1991 because of the wrongdoings of former NYPD Detective Louis N. Scarcella.

Although the Crown Heights native was raised in poverty and exposed to the crack epidemic at a young age, murder was never likely to be the reasoning for his troubles. As an adolescent, Bunn and his childhood friends became a support system for each other as they were all searching for a temporary escape from their household issues. Unfortunately, Bunn was a victim of circumstance and wound up spending more years in prison than years he had been alive at the time of his arrest.


Upon conviction, Bunn was the youngest in a line-up of alleged criminals, and was informed that most line-ups were, in fact, framed during that time period. Though imprisoned and wrongfully-convicted for a crime he didn’t commit, the Brooklynite never lost hope for justice — especially after hearing the words from his former inmate: “We gone kill ourselves or we gone fight for our life.”

John Bunn sat down for a Source Exclusive to discuss his life growing up in Brooklyn, his fight for justice and how his faith served as factor for his release.

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