This summer marks numerous milestones in Hip-Hop: Lauryn Hill’s solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill turns 20; Follow the Leader by Erik B and Rakim turns 30; and Juvenile made ladies “Back That Azz Up” a full two decades back.

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Summer ’18 also marks 11 years since the release of the Apple iPhone, rendering the Motorola RAZR’s custom ringtone obsolete and introducing the word “app” into our collective vocabulary. While the smartphone took over pop culture and changed the way that we listen to music, there are still some hidden gems to be found in the App Store that are perfect for Hip-Hop lovers, aspiring artists or discovering new artists.

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Free and paid features

Everyone at the pool/BBQ/house party will be vying for the aux cord, but only one can be the designated playlist selector. Making a master playlist isn’t as easy as one might expect — there’s no real formula that can be applied — especially when turn-up hits and slow trap jams alike are in high demand. With djay, the app lets you mix any song in your iTunes or Spotify library for free, impressing your friends and family with your DJ skills at the same time. No need to lug around a bulky turntable, either.



Image: Aaron Rodgers — UI Designer

There’s no better way to kick your summer concert plans into gear then with, well, Songkick. Anyone blasting a lit playlist will eventually want to check out those artists blaring through the headphones in concert or at a music festival. The barrage of concert announcements can get especially overwhelming, but with Songkick you get all the most important info posted in one convenient location. Let the app tap into your Spotify or iTunes account and get your music library organize with all of your favorite artists’ upcoming performances into one streamlined, chronological news feed.

Songwriter’s Pad

Free and paid features

Perfect for the days that you want to talk about how upset you are, but need new lyrics because someone already took the words right out of your mouth. Songwriter’s Pad is the perfect go-to medium for composing that next masterpiece. Can’t find your words? No problem. The app lets you pick your current mood and suggests words for you. Once you’ve found the perfect word, the app then generates a list of rhyming words. Peek at you/Pikachu/mansion/Wisconsin — there’s literally no limit to what lyrical masterpiece you can come up with.


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