The Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City is ordinarily a happy occasion with music, food, floats, marching bands, dancers, all coming together to show pride and celebrate the culture that is Puerto Rico. This year was no different with thousands lined up on 5th Avenue in the heart of Manhattan watching the marchers, politicians currying favor with people, civic organizations and groups celebrating the Puerto Rican people. However, this Puerto Rican Day Parade is taking place almost a year to the devastation that Hurricane Maria caused on the island and others in the Caribbean. It is going to be a long road for Puerto Ricans as it continues to work on building back. On top of the many problems Puerto Rico had, Maria badly damaged the infrastructure on the island exasperating the problems and pushing their services to the brink. According to many news reports, thousands have fled the island moving to the United States making their homes in places like Florida and New York City. Another big problem for Puerto Rico is the bond crisis that continues to hang over many in the country. Currently, those issues are being litigated in bankruptcy court and the decision that comes out of it will affect thousands. Many whom have their retirement funds tied to bonds and those in the diaspora who may have to help their relatives if the decision is negative. There is also a kind of brain and youth drain the country has to deal with. Many of the young people who have the education from the Puerto Rican educational system are leaving the island because of a lack of opportunity. Finally, even with the disaster and its lingering effects, Puerto Ricans who are American citizens have complained they are not being treated as such because of a lack of attention they claim they aren’t receiving.

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