The #MeToo and Times Up Movement has brought Jamie Foxx to the forefront as he has been accused of smacking a woman with his genitalia. Foxx denies the case and is ready to go to court over the sexual misconduct statement but Bow Wow has also chimed in on the latest news.

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Bow Wow’s statement went to straight to Instagram where he also spoke on the Morgan Freeman situation and expressing his feelings to both situations by stating, “get the fuck outta here.”

Bow Wow may be issuing an apology later after he slammed the #MeToo movement by saying the cases follow a formula. “They hire the same fuckin’ woman to represent them. It’s the same story. Every week, it’s somebody new,” he said. The words from Bow Wow didn’t stop there as he stated women need to get a job and stop attempting to use notable figures as a “scapegoat.”


News regarding Bow Wow is wild as of late. A few months back a video released that detailed his fall out with Chris Brown, which Breezy seemed clueless about. But with these controversial statements, any type of miscommunication with Chris Brown may be the last of his worries. Check out the statement below.