Since his early prison release in April, Meek Mill put music on the back seat to make sure that he shows love to everyone who was rallying for his freedom. The Philly rapper appeared on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari on Tuesday to discuss the many injustices minorities like himself face.

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The “Litty” rapper once again slammed the conditions of his probation which can land him back in jail just for simply crossing state lines to pick up his son from school. “If I drive through the Lincoln Tunnel right now, I can be arrested,” the rapper said. “Just driving through a tunnel can send me back to prison for four years.”

Meek also revealed his plans to help other inmates in similar situations, including Eric Riddick, a Philadelphia man who claims he’s innocent of a 1991 killing. Although he submitted his appeal petition too late, Meek still plans to get his lawyers involved to help Riddick.


Check out the interview in its entirety below: