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The highest place in Pennsylvania for justice administration has denied the act of removing Judge Genece Brinkley from the drawn-out criminal case of Meek Mill, the Associated Press reports. According to a Penn. Supreme Court Justice on Tuesday (June 12), the Flamers rapper will have another chance to pose the request after a hearing next week.

In the ruling on Tuesday, while three judges supported Meek’s request, two of them posed denial. An additional judge also denied the request but insisted that he raise the request again after his hearing with Judge Brinkley on Monday. According to his attorney Joe Tacopina, the split decision and chance to raise the request again is a positive sign towards a form of justice. “We remain hopeful that the overwhelming amount of evidence in this case will prompt Judge Brinkley to grant Meek a new trial,” he said.

Ever since Meek’s harsh sentencing last November, his lawyers have made it very clear that the stance imposed by the judge is lenient towards personal ill. They find her behavior amid the case to be more in the likes of a prosecutor rather than the impartial jurist that she is licensed to be. Last year, Mill’s attorney, Tacopina revealed to TMZ that Meek and the judge are from the same neighborhood in Philly and are even associated with the same social stature. Due to such a connection, amidst a meeting in chambers 2016, the judge requested Meek to do a cover of Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee” and suggested the rapper give her a shout out on the record. And of course, he rejected the request.

According to Judge Brinkley’s own attorney, A. Charles Peruto Jr., she believes she has been fair when dealing in the case of Meek Mill and alleges his lawyers “haven’t provided a scintilla of good evidence.” But, he is reportedly not taking sides.


Related to drug and gun charges from 2008, the pioneering prime of his rap career, the Philly MC was sentenced to two-four years by Judge Brinkley due to alleged probation violations. He only spent 5 months locked up after the Supreme Court ordered the judge to release him on bail. The hip-hop masses were in awe and appreciation when the famed MMG rapper was released back in April. He received a giant warm welcome back into civilization with a helicopter ride and celebration at a 76ers basketball game.