Ebro said Takashi 6ix9ine wasn’t invited to Summer Jam because he doesn’t know when to “shut his mouth.” Maybe he was right, the Brooklyn rapper was spotted in Chicago, with a lot to say as usual.

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In recent weeks he has instigated a beef with nearly every rapper in the city. Most notably, Cheif Keef, Lil Reese, and the Glory Boyz clique. However, he did manage to do a few good deeds, feeding the homeless and passing out a few hundred dollar bills to the youth.

Still, from the moment he landed in the city, he wanted everyone to know he was ready for all the smoke. In a now-deleted Instagram post, he walked through the airport while bragging about being by himself.


“Chicago I’m here!!!! lol what excuse Y’all gonna make now? This gon be a long day ‘he’s hiding in his hat’ LMAO scroll down and look at my other post,” he posted.

Lil Reese was quick to respond in the comments saying, “you in the airport stop tryna make it seem like you out here in these streets.”

On the contrary, 6ix9nine did hit the streets. First stopping at the Hollywood Grill where he purchased burger platers for the homeless.  Yet he still found time to call out the city’s rappers, saying they don’t give back.

A few residents kept a close eye on him, practically sharing his every move. One Instagram user spotted him climbing back into an SUV. Interestingly a Ford Interceptor was behind the SUV. The user indicated the rapper had “12 and security with him.” In fact, 6ix9ine did admit to having security with him because he’s a platinum artist.

Cheif Keef accused 50 Cent of providing the security via Twitter. Other notable moments including 6ix9ine visiting the storied “O-block,” where he claims no one was outside.

For someone who says they don’t need beef to sell records, he continues to talk.