The #MeToo movement has elicited strong responses from a couple of public figures in the last two days. First Bow Wow sounded off on Instagram saying women should stop allegations and get a job and now Drake’s father, Dennis Graham has some words that will likely be met with criticism.

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Graham didn’t avoid a TMZ camera crew when perhaps he should have this time. When questioned regarding the issue of Jamie Foxx’s recent allegations, Dennis shared he had a bond with the Oscar winner and he had no information on the issue of sexual misconduct. The conversation hit a strong turn and Graham gave his suggestion of “stop going to hotels.” Graham would go on to cite the Bill Cosby incidents as cases of women needing to “take your ass home.

“No there’s not two sides to blame. You take your ass home. Don’t go into a man’s room. Don’t go where a man is, where you might think a man is going to have anything to do with raping you or anything else,” Graham offered.


The timing of his remarks may not be the best. Beyond the backlash that could be received from the #MeToo community, there is also the connection that Mr. Graham has to his son who is reeling after his own public fiasco and looking to get back into the music.

What is your take on his remarks? Does Dennis Graham have a point or should have left it as he didn’t have knowledge of the incident? Check out the video below.