G Herbo has been named as the latest global ambassador for Luc Belaire, wadding him to the roster of stars ranging from DJ Khaled to Rick Ross to Steve Aoki.

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Billboard reports the partnership will bring Herbo to the forthcoming Self Made Tastes Better series, which highlights an in-depth conversation with Brett Berish, CEO of Sovereign Brands. Berish is also a product of Chicago and he states the effort of the partnership will provide pride to the city. “We look forward to working with G Herbo on creative projects that push culture forward and make our city of Chicago proud.”

In an interview regarding the deal, G Herbo expressed the fit is perfect due to their influence on the culture and enjoying the drink prior to striking a deal.


“[Luc Belaire] respects the culture and are fans of rap music. They make you feel at home,” G Herbo said. “I actually feel like I’m a part of the brand. It just made a lot of sense and it’s definitely a good drink as well.”

Check out the full interview on Billboard where G Herbo shares on the deal, how the “Who Run It” challenge popped, his journey in fatherhood and the current madness between 6ix9ine and what is seemingly the entire city of Chicago, to which he said “I don’t give a fuck what [6ix9ine] does. I don’t have beef with New York and I don’t have anything to do with none of that shit. I don’t care.”