Words by Kyra Donahoo

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Any influencer hip to the latest street style is fully aware of G-SHOCK’s impact within the fashion game, especially when it comes to the variety of timepieces that seem to always be dropping. Take this latest design for example — it’s packaged in a freakin’ UFO!


Celebrating the success of their largest G-SHOCK store in Shanghai, Casio partnered with Singapore artist Jahan Loh to highlight their limited edition Chinese culture-infused collection. The four-shot deal includes watches that come in either red, blue, black or white — each encompassing Chinese celestial cloud artwork and color-specific animal motifs in the form of a Vermillion Phoenix, White tiger, Black Tortoise, and Azure Dragon. The four showstoppers are placed in a saucer-like porcelain fashioned as a spaceship that makes this set feel more like a collector’s item.

Exclusive to only 100 units made, the G-SHOCK “4 Celestials” collection is currently in stock at the brand’s aforementioned Shanghai brick and mortar. Take a look at the spaced-out set of watches below: