The honorary street moniker that was sanctioned to be renamed after Michael Jackson in Detroit has been canceled all because of a scanty misunderstanding. On Wednesday, the Detroit Free Press reported the call off saying that the surviving Jackson brothers were thrown off when they found out the Detroit street was not going to honor their famed Motown group the Jackson 5, but instead their legendary brother, the King of Pop.

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Of course, slated as Michael Jackson Avenue, the unveiling ceremony was scheduled to take place on Friday (June 15), but the Detroit City Council put the ceremony on pause, due to the alleged misunderstanding. The main reason for the Detroit City Council’s decision to name the street after the popular music legend is because the council passed an amendment last year that prohibits ceremonial street designations for organizations or groups. According to Stephen Grady, chief of staff for council president Brenda Jones, they found naming it after Jackson to be a form of “compromise,” and regardless still plans “to do something for the Jackson 5.”

Jackson brothers Marlon and Jackie were in attendance for the press event in May, where the unveiling was announced and reportedly expressed hope for the group will be honored once plans by the council are set in stone. The naming ceremony was apart of Detroit Music Weekend in which Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon Jackson are still scheduled to perform.